Two high-ranking officers of the German armed forces oppose compulsory vaccination in the armed forces


!! Here you will find all information about the military appeal proceedings before the BVerwG in Leipzig against the obligation to tolerate or vaccinate the soldiers of the Bundeswehr !!!

Video: 4.11.2022 – Attorney Wilfried Schmitz in the Corona Committee (Session 129) on the current status and „special experiences“ of the proceedings.

I believe that we lawyers have presented many arguments and sources in these proceedings that soldiers around the world can use to defend themselves against mandatory vaccination.

What are these proceedings about?

Two Bundeswehr officers have filed a defense complaint against the obligation to tolerate the Covid-19 „vaccination“. On November 24, 2021, the Federal Minister of Defense ordered the inclusion of this supposed „protective“ „vaccination“ in the basic vaccination scheme of the Bundeswehr.

The BVerwG will decide on this in the first and final instance.

The 1st hearing of these military appeal proceedings on AZ. 1 WB 2.22 and 1 WB 5.22 took place on May 2, 2022.

The 2nd and 3rd hearing days then followed on June 7 & 8, 2022, with a representative of the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) (on the alleged efficacy of Covid-19 mod. mRNA injections) and the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) (on PEI safety reports) being questioned on June 7: click here.

On 6.7.22 then followed the 4th day of the taking of evidence, and on 7.7.2022 then a decision was announced which, according to the impression of all who have followed these proceedings on the spot, can only be described as an inconceivable judicial scandal.

This view is substantiated in detail in the pleadings published below from 9.7.2022.

The proceedings are not currently over, as a hearing appeal has still been filed. If that hearing appeal were granted, then the proceedings would continue.


Pleadings on the proceedings  (English Version):


of attorney Wilfried Schmitz

(Please note that my law firm letterhead has been updated in the meantime and differs from the letterhead in the following pleadings – partly also with regard to the contact details. This is my current law firm letterhead: Muster.Schreiben neu )

23.2.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

24.2.22 Ergänzung Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

2.3.22 Weitere Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

3.3.22 Weitere Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

8.3.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

9.3.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

10.3.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

14.3.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

18.3.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

21.3.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert (2)

22.3.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

24.3.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

28.3.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

7.4.22 2.Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

14.4.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert (1)

26.4.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

27.4.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

28.4.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

29.4.22 Stellungnahme an BVerwG – anonymisiert

6.5.22 Antrag_zu_PCR_Test_u_a__Prof_Kämmerer_anoymisiert

15.5.22 Anforderung Sitzungsprotokoll – anonym (1)

19.5.22 Stellungnahme zu Grundsatzfragen en

26.5.22 Fragen an PEI und RKI

1.6.22 Alternative Heilmethoden – anonymisiert, englische Version

16.6.22 Ank. RA Tobias Ulbrich –

22.6.22 Würdigung_Einvernahme_SVe_RKI_und_PEI_anonymisiert_de_en

9.7.22 Verlangen_nach_dienstl_Erklärung_anonymisiert_de_en

14.7.22 Verlangen_nach_dienstl_Erkl_ärung_anonymisiert_de_en

18.7.22 Anhörungsrüge –

19.7.22 Ergänzung.Anhörungsrüge –

8.9.22 Stellungnahme_zu_dienstlichen_Erklärungen_anonymisiert_en

9.9.22 Nachtrag – anonymisiert.en

14.9.22 Nachtrag – anonymisiert.en

3.10.22 C_19_impfung_eine_Militäroperation_anonymisiert_en

9.10.22 Reference to decision of military service court south of 29.9.22 – anonymisiert

18.10.22 Nachtrag – anonymisiert.en

25.10.22 Covid-19 injection based on modRNA is a bioweapon

2.11.22 BW_Inzidenzboard_belegt_überdurchschn_Erkrankung_in_BW_anonymisiert

There are other briefs that are currently still being translated and will be published in the next few days.



by Prof. Dr. Martin Schwab

14.4.22 Schriftsatz fertig –

3.6.22 SS fertig Word.Doc Version –

1.7.22 Schriftsatz Martin S. –

22.7.22 Anhörungsrüge



of attorney Tobias Ulbrich 

11.8.22 Befangenheitsantrag

16.8.22 Stellungnahme zu Hinweis BVerwG –

There are other briefs that are currently still being translated and will be published in the next few days.